Books Read in 2016: May

Summer = more time to read. A few #summerreading titles I got around to in May. Most having to do with current research project.

David Chappell, Waking from the Dream: The Struggle for Civil Rights in the Shadow of Martin Luther King. New York: Random House, 2014.

A critical snapshot of the evolution of struggles led by King in the two decades after his transition; examines questions of economics, labor, and memory.

Barbara Reynolds, Jesse Jackson: America’s David. Washington, DC: JFJ, 1985.

A reissue of her 1975 biography in light of his first presidential campaign, this is a character study of Jackson, one of the earliest if not first, book-length treatments.

Godfrey Hodgson, More Equal Than Others: America from Nixon to the New Century. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2004.

A history of the last quarter of the 20th century that mostly reads this era as the crystallization of inequality and the growing belief in the sanctity of the market in America.*

David T. Courtwright, No Right Turn: Conservative Politics in Liberal America. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2010.

Broadens the lens of the Culture War to include much of the twentieth century and the long struggle to build a moral-traditionalist center in American politics, a struggle that mostly failed.

*Read this together with “80s” histories by Gil Troy, Robert Collins, John Ehrman, & James Patterson, if there are any good ones I missed please suggest a few!


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