The 15 Demands of HU Students issued March 14, 1968

1) For curriculum expansion in Afro-American history, with specifics related to slavery, Reconstruction, turn of the century and contemporary movements, and an Afro-American history course without the American history prerequisite;

2) to add jazz courses in Fine Arts;

3) for the expansion of African studies with more emphasis on ancient, modern and contemporary political movements in Africa;

4) to ensure that the economics, social science and government departments deal with the specific problems of African/Afro-American peoples and the study of communal systems and governments in the non-western world, and emphasis on how Afro-Americans fit in the American economic political system;

5) for Afro-American literature to be taught every semester on undergraduate level with specific emphasis on folklore, poetry and novels;

6) for all Afro-American and African published newspapers to be made available on campus;

7) for the establishment of an Afro-American research institute;

8) for the implementation of a credited work-study program in the Black community;

9) for the establishment of fair criteria for faculty tenure and promotion;

10) to invest academic legislative power in the faculty and not trustees;

11) to reinstate professors dismissed for political activism;

12) for the freeing of student government and newspaper from administrative control;

13) to abolish the women’s dormitories curfews;

14) for the administration to make a clear list of rules governing student conduct and fair trials for all students subject to disciplinary action;

15) and for the resignation of all administrators not in favor of a democratic Black university.


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